We live on a beautiful planet where many people recognise some things really need to change. The choices of humans are having a huge impact on Planet Earth and all the wonderful creatures who live here. Millions of people are experiencing mental health difficulties - including unprecedented numbers of young people and children. Although this is increasingly being recognised, how can we reach so many people - to offer real help in a lasting way? We need an effective tool for understanding and befriending our inner world. We need to pause when life feels difficult ... to get in touch with a simpler, kinder part of ourselves. We need an INNER SNACK!

my story

I’ve worked in the field of mental / emotional health since 1984 and have devoted my life to searching for the most effective ways to understand and care for our inner world. Around 40 years ago I emerged from a period of inner turmoil with a soulful perspective and a new way to live my life. I was beyond thankful and devoting my life to finding and sharing a path to lasting inner wellbeing seemed the most natural thing to do. I imagined psychiatry would be the place to learn and serve but it seemed to lack soul and creativity. Although I worked my way up to Charge Nurse level, I longed to find truly effective ways to empower people to find natural, lasting inner healing. I completed many years of training in psychological therapies but it was in my own little counselling room that my greatest discoveries were found.

my vision

My heartfelt longing to be as helpful as possible seems to have opened a creative door - and one day the Inner Snack emerged. It’s a simple model, using visual aids, to understand what’s happening within and - together with a little crucial understanding about the brain - it just makes so much sense. So, now it’s time to share it as broadly as I can and with this website my wonderful Inner Snack team are helping me to do just that. I am immensely touched by their kindness, understanding and creativity. This is our gift together.